Pre-ISCRE23&APCRE7 Workshop from World-Class Chemical Engineers

Date:       7 September 2014 (Morning session: 8:00-11:30 am)
   Auditorium, 2nd floor, 4th Engineering bldg., Faculty of Engineering,   Chulalongkorn University
Invited speakers:
- Prof. Guy B. Marin, Ghent University
   Topic: Temporal Analysis of Products: from Understanding to Designing Heterogeneous                  Catalysts
- Prof. Kouichi Miura, Kyoto University
   Topic: A Lesson of an Old Chemical Reaction Engineer from Distributed Activation                            Energy Model (DAEM)

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For workshop registration, please click this link to fill up and submit the workshop registration form. Please note that no workshop registration fee would be charged and there are 200 seats available for the workshop.

Schedule Overview

     The symposium structure consists of plenary lectures (40 minutes), key-note presentations (25 minutes), oral presentations (20 minutes) and poster presentations covering the recent developments in CRE, which include the following topics:

    • Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics
    • Modeling, Design and Control of Chemical Reactors
    • Catalysts and Catalytic Reaction Engineering
    • Multiphase and Reacting Flows
    • Novel Reactors and Process Intensification
    • Biochemical Reaction Engineering
    • Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Engineering
    • Clean Coal and Chemical Looping
    • CO2 Capture and Utilization
    • Chemicals from Biomass
    • Green Chemistry
    • Environmental Reaction Engineering
    • Hydrogen Production and Utilization
    • Novel Functional Materials



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